Title: Enhanced desorption of PCB and trace metal elements (Pb and Cu) from contaminated soils by saponin and EDDS mixed solution

Subject : Desorption of PCB and trace metal elements from contaminated soils

Volume : 174

Pages : 93-99

Author : Menghua Cao, Yuan Hu, Qian Sun, Linling Wang, Jing Chen, , Xiaohua Lu,

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Photolytic debromination pathway of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in hexane by sunlight

Subject : Debromination by sunlight

Volume : 174

Pages :194-200

Author : Hua Weia, Yonghong Zoub, 1, An Lia, , , Erik R. Christensenb, Karl J. Rocknec

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Reducing the bioavailability of PCBs in soil to plant by biochars assessed with triolein-embedded cellulose acetate membrane technique

Subject : Reducing the bioavailability of PCBs in soil.

Volume : 174

Pages : 250-256

Author : Yu Wanga, Yu-Jun Wanga, Lei Wanga, Guo-Dong Fanga, Long Canga, H.M.S.K. Herathb, Dong-Mei Zhoua,

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Personal exposure to benzene of selected population groups and impact of commuting modes in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Subject : Health impacts of exposure to benzene

Volume : 175

Pages : 56-63

Author : Tran Thi Ngoc Lana, , , Ngo Quang Liema, Nguyen Thi Thanh Binhb

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Federal Retail Hazardous Waste Reform

Subject : Hazardous waste reforms

Volume : --

Pages : --

Author: TedWolff Matthew Dombroski Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Mercury and methylmercury bioaccumulation by polychaete worms is governed by both feeding ecology and mercury bioavailability in coastal mudflats

Subject : Mercury and methylemercury accumulation by polychaete worms

Volume: 176

Pages : 18-25

Author : Tom Sizmura, 1, João Canáriob, Travis G. Gerwingc, Mark L. Malloryd, Nelson J. O'Driscolla,

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Supercritical fluid extraction of persistent organic pollutants from natural and artificial soils and comparison with bioaccumulation in earthworms

Subject : Fluid Extraction of persistent organic pollutants from natural and artificial soils

Volume : 176

Pages :48-54

Author :Lucie Bielská, Klára Šmídová, Jakub Hofman

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Toxic effects of copper ion in zebrafish in the joint presence of CdTe QDs

Subject : Effects of Carbon ion in Zebrafish

Volume : 176

Pages : 158-164

Author : Wei Zhanga, b, c, , , Youna Miaoa, b, c, Kuangfei Lina, b, c, , , Lin Chena, b, c, Qiaoxiang Dongd,Changjiang Huangd

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Transformation of four silver/silver chloride nanoparticles during anaerobic treatment of wastewater and post-processing of sewage sludge

Subject : Post processing of Sewage sludge

Volume : 176

Pages : 193-197

Author : Enzo Lombia, , , Erica Donnera, b, Shima Taheric, Ehsan Tavakkolia, Åsa K. Jämtingd, Stuart McClurea, Ravi Naidua, b, Bradley W. Millere, Kirk G. Scheckele, Krasimir Vasilevc

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Distribution and speciation of metals (Cu, Zn, Cd, and Pb) in agricultural and non-agricultural soils near a stream upriver from the Pearl River, China

Subject : Distribution & speciation of metals in agricultural and non agricultural soils

Volume : 177

Pages : 64-70

Author : Silin Yanga, b, Dequn Zhoua, Huayong Yuc, Rong Weia, Bo Pana, , ,

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Hydroxylated PBDEs and brominated phenolic compounds in particulate matters emitted during recycling of waste printed circuit boards in a typical e-waste workshop of South China

Subject : PBDs and brominated phenolic compounds emitted during recycling of waste printed circuit board

Volume : 177

Pages : 71-77

Author : Zhaofang Rena, b, Xinhui Bia, , , Bo Huanga, b, Ming Liua, b, Guoying Shenga, Jiamo Fua, c

Printed Year : 2013

Title: New membrane technology for removal and recovery of chromium from waste waters

Subject : removal and recovery of chromium from waste waters

Volume : 20

Pages :44-52

Author :W. S. Winston Ho1 Tarun K. Poddar

Printed Year : 2001

Title: Supported liquid membranes for removal and recovery of metals from waste waters and process streams

Subject : Removal and Recovery of metals

Volume: 20

Pages : 117-121

Author : W. S. Winston Ho1, Bing Wang2, Travis E. Neumuller2 andJustin Roller2

Printed Year : 2001

Title: Pollution prevention advances in pulp and paper processing

Subject : Pollution prevention in paper and pulp industry

Volume : 20

Pages : 87-92

Author : Tapas K. Das1 andAshok K. Jain2

Printed Year : 2001

Title: Destruction of benzene with non-thermal plasma in dielectric barrier discharge reactors

Subject : Destruction of benzene

Volume : 20

Pages : 151-156

Author : Mark P. Cal1 Martin Schluep

Printed Year : 2001

Title: Zeolite synthesis employing alkaline waste effluents from the aluminum industry

Subject : Synthesis of zeolite from aluminium industry

Volume : 21

Pages : 105-110

Author : A. La Iglesia1, M. V. González2 J. Dufou

Printed Year : 2002

Title: Removal of zinc and trichloroethylene from water by column extraction with a crude humic acid

Subject : Removal of zinc from water

Volume : 21

Pages : 209-214

Author :Ray Von Wandruszka J. David Newell

Printed Year : 2002

Title: Alternative chromium reduction and heavy metal precipitation methods for industrial wastewater

Subject : Reduction of chromium from industrial wastewater

Volume : 22

Pages : 174-182

Author : Li-Yang Chang

Printed Year : 2003

Title: Achieving low mercury concentrations in chlor-alkali wastewaters

Subject :Reducing mercury concentration from wastewater

Volume :22

Pages :167-173

Author :David R. Tonini P.E.1, Debra A. Gauvin2,Robert W. Soffel3 W. Peter Freeman4

Printed Year:2003

Title: Nitrogen oxides emissions reduction technologies in the petrochemical and refining industries

Subject : reduction of nitrogen oxide from petrochemical industries

Volume : 23

Pages : 19-28

Author : Charles E. Baukal*, Robert Hayes, Mike Grant, Prem Singh Darin Foote

Printed Year : 2004

Title: Industrial wastewater treatment in a membrane bioreactor :A review

Subject : treatment of wastewater in bioreactor

Volume : 23

Pages : 59-68

Author : B. Marrot*, A. Barrios-Martinez, P. Moulin N. Roche

Printed Year : 2004

Title: Green manufacturing process of chromium compounds

Subject : Manufacturing from chromium

Volume : 24

Pages : 44-50

Author : Yi Zhang, Zuo-Hu Li, Tao Qi, Shi-Li Zheng, Hui-Quan Li Hong-Bin Xu

Printed Year : 2005

Title: Development of a process for producing high-purity calcium carbonate (CaCO3) from waste cement using pressurized CO2

Subject : Production of high purity of calcium carbonate from waste cement

Volume : 24

Pages : 162-170

Author : Yasuro Katsuyama1, Akihiro Yamasaki2,Atsushi Iizuka1,*, Minoru Fujii3, Kazukiyo Kumagai1 Yukio Yanagisawa1

Printed Year : 2005

Title: Controlling NOx emission from industrial sources

Subject : Reduction of NOx emission

Volume : 24

Pages : 181-197

Author : R.K. Srivastava1,*, W. Neuffer2, D. Grano2,S. Khan3, J.E. Staudt4 W. Jozewicz5

Printed Year : 2005

Title: Recovery of copper-contaminated sludge in a two-stage leaching process

Subject : Recovery of copper from sludge

Volume : 25

Pages : 72-78

Author : S.H. Hu1,2,*, M.S. Tsai1, F.S. Yen1 T. Onlin3

Printed Year : 2006

Title: Equilibrium modeling of removal of cadmium ions by olive stones

Subject : Removal of cadmium from olive stones

Volume : 25

Pages : 261-266

Author : Mónica Calero de Hoces*, Francisco Hernáinz Bermúdez de Castro, Gabriel Blázquez García Germán Tenorio Riva

Printed Year : 2006

Title: Two novel applications of ion exchange fibers: Arsenic removal and chemical-free softening of hard water

Subject : Arsenic removal from hard water

Volume : 25

Pages : 300-311

Author : John E. Greenleaf, Jin-cheng Lin Arup K. Sengupta*

Printed Year : 2006

Title: Sodium and color removal from treated paper and pulp mill effluent using vermiculite

Subject : Sodium and color removal from paper mill effluent

Volume : 27

Pages : 79-83

Author : R.M. Jayabalakrishnan*, S. Mahimairaja C. Udayasoorian

Printed Year : 2008

Title: Bioethanol from agricultural waste residues

Subject :Bioethanol from agricultural waste

Volume :27

Pages :51-57

Author :Pascale Champagne

Printed Year :2008

Title: Nitrate removal from drinking water in a packed-bed bioreactor coupled by a methanol-based electrochemical gas generator

Subject :Nitrate removal from drinking water

Volume :29

Pages :278-285

Author :Ramazan Vagheei1, Hossein Ganjidoust1,*,Ali-Akbar Azimi2 Bita Ayati1

Printed Year:2010

Title: Use of selected industrial waste materials in concrete mixture

Subject :Use of industrial waste in concrete mixture

Volume :30

Pages :368-376

Author :Başak Mesci1, Semra Çoruh2,* Osman Nuri Ergun2

Printed Year :2011

Title: Treatment of dyeing wastewater by activated carbons derived from municipal sewage sludge

Subject: Treatment of dying wastewater form municipal sewage sludge

Volume :31

Pages :585-590

Author :Yao Chen, Wenju Jiang*, Li Jiang Xiujuan Ji

Printed Year :2012

Title: Advanced treatment of coking wastewater by conventional and modified fenton processes

Subject : Treatment of cocking wastewater


Pages :176-180

Author :Dünyamin Güçlü*, Nazan Şirin, Serkan Şahinkaya Mehmet Faik Sevimli

Printed Year : 2013

Title: Removal of copper from wastewater by using the synthetic nesquehonite

Subject : Removal of copper from wastewater

Volume : 32

Pages :543-546

Author : Qiyan Shan, Yue Zhang* Xiangxin Xue

Printed Year :2013

Title: Removal and recovery of heavy metals from electroplating wastewater by using Kyanite as an adsorbent

Subject : Recovery of heavy metals from wastewater

Volume :87

Pages :127-137

Author :Mohammad Ajmal, , Rifaqat A.K Rao, Rais Ahmad, Jameel Ahmad, Liaqat A.K Rao1

Printed Year :2001

Title: Removal of chromium from water and wastewater by ion exchange resins

Subject : Removal of chromium from wasewater

Volume : 87

Pages : 273-287

Author : S Rengaraj, Kyeong-Ho Yeon, Seung-Hyeon Moon,

Printed Year : 2001