Rules in India

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    Draft Notifications For public comments including Draft Waste Management Rules,2015

    Notifications For public comments

Schedule I

Schedule V

Schedule II

Schedule VI

Schedule III

Schedule VII

Schedule IV


    ⇒Guidelines on Implementing Liabilities for Environmental Damages due to Handling & Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Penalty

    ⇒Standard Operating Procedure Import and Recycling of Waste Pneumatic Tyres

    ⇒Registration of Recyclers

    ⇒Guidelines for Environmentally Sound Recycling of Schedule IV Recyclable Hazardous Wastes

    ⇒Guidelines on Coprocessing in Cement/Power/Steel Industry

•   Supreme Court Directives

•   Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities

•   Illegal Hazardous Waste Dump Sites

Source: CPCB and MoEFCC